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Global Directories

10,000 newspapers on the Net Newspapers/Magazines worldwide
Abyz News Links Newspapers, News Media, and News Sources
E&P Media Links - Search Page Newspapers worldwide (including Radio and TV stations)
Ecola Newspapers and Media Newspapers/Magazines worldwide (including TV stations) News, weather, newspapers, magazines
kidon Media Link Newspapers worldwide (including Radio and TV stations)
MetaGrid Newspapers & Magazines Newspapers/Magazines worldwide
NewJour Searching Newspapers (including scientific Journals)
News and Newspapers (University of Texas) News and Newspapers worldwide Newspapers worldwide
Newspapers of the world on the Internet Newspapers worldwide
Yahoo News and Media Newspapers by Region Newspapers/Magazines worldwide Newspapers worldwide (german)

National Directories

German speaking Media in the net Exeter University, U.K.
Newspaper Archives (USA) Special Libraries Association
Newspaper Directory Germany Library Service Center Baden-Württemberg Germany

Sites of special interest

Alternative Press Center Home Page Guide to the alternative press worldwide
Elektronische Zeitschriftenbibliothek Scientific Journal Directory, Univ. Regensburg, Germany
EuroWEB Online Kiosk Online article-search service (US magazines and journals)
International Newspaper Museum of the City of Aachen Including an Online-Archive
Kidon Media-Link deutsch German speaking Newspapers worldwide
Kidon Media-Link englisch News sources in English
Kidon Media-Link französisch Actualités en Franšais
NewJour Internet list for new journals and newsletters available on the Internet
Newspaper and Current Periodical Reading Room Library of Congress
Professional Online Kiosk Online Kiosk (including scientific Journals) Scientific Journal Directory including document delivery services

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