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linguistics University of Oxford (HUManities BULletin board)
Linguistics in SIL Comprehensive linguistic catalog
Linguistics Meta-index Stanford University
Linguistics / Phonetics Univ. Stuttgart, Germany - catalog
Linguistik im Internet Univ. Konstanz, Germany reviewed linklist (german)
Links to Linguistic and Related Information Univ. Passau, Germany - comprehensive catalog
LINSE - Linguistik-Server Essen Univ. Essen, Germany - comprehensive catalog (german)
The Human-Languages Page (iLoveLanguages) Part of the Virtual Library
The LINGUIST List Easter Michigan Uni., USA - comprehensive catalog

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Departments and Institutes Univ. Passau, Germany - Linguistic Departments worlwide
Foreign Languages for Travelers Language Guide - The Language Site Online dictionaries
Introduction to Linguistics Multimedia, interactive introduction to linguistics
The Rosetta Project Archive of 1,000 languages
xdict online woerterbuecher Univ. Leipzig - Dictionaries (german) Comprehensive Directory of Dictionaries and Grammars

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