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Andy Holt Virtual Library English Language English Language & Literature
Anglistik Guide, Univ. of Göttingen Germany Resources on Anglo-American language and literature
English (Ohio ESL) Ohio University, Athens
English Studies Information Server University of Mannheim, Germany
English Subject Centre Higher Education Funding Council for England
Erfurt Electronic Studies in English EESE - Erfurt Electronic Studies in English Contents
ESL / EFL Resources University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
European Society for the Study of English Comprehensive catalog
Humbul : Language/Literature -- English University of Oxford (HUManities BULletin board)
The EServer: Accessible Online Publishing Univ. of Washington
Voice of the Shuttle English Literature English literature, Univ. of Santa Barbara, USA

Sites of special interest

American·British - British·American Dictionary
American Heritage Book of English Usage Searchable dictionary of American English
A Web of On-line Dictionaries Comprehensive Directory of Dictionaries and Grammars

Common Errors in English

Prof. P. Brians, Washington State Univ.

Online Etymology Dictionary
Guide to Grammar and Writing Capital Community College, Hartford, Connecticut
HEL Website History of the English Language
Internet Grammar of English University College London
LEO English-German Dictionary  English-German Dictionary
Reference. Bartleby.com Comprehensive public reference library
World Wide Words Home Page "... international English from a British viewpoint"

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