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Additional starting points

CSC Mathematical Topics Center for Scientific Computing, Espoo, Finland
EEVL Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library
Electronic Library of Mathematics Hosted by the European Mathematical Society (EMS)
EMS Home Page European Mathematical Information Service
Eric Weisstein's World of Mathematics Extensive Mathematics Ressource
EULER - Service European Libraries and Electronic Resources in Mathematical Sciences
Mathematical Atlas: A gateway to Mathematics Northern Illinois University, USA
Mathematics California Institute of Technology, USA
Mathematics Archives WWW Server Univ. Tennessee, USA
Mathematics Information Servers Pennsylvania State University
MathGuide Univ. Göttingen, Germany
Math-Net Internet Information Services for Mathematicians
MathSciNet Comprehensive database covering the world's mathematical literature
PlanetMath Mathematical virtual community
The Math Forum Internet Mathematics Library Swarthmore College

Sites of special interest

Historical Mathematical Monographs Cornell University Library
MacTutor History of Mathematics University of St. Andrews
Mathematics ArXiv Mathematics articles, Cornell University 
German Math departments Univ. Osnabrück, Germany
Mathematics Preprint Server Research articles in the field of mathematics
Mathematical Functions Collection of information about mathematical functions
Shortcuts to Physics, Engineering, and Mathematics Departments Waubonsee Community College, USA
S.O.S. Math Mathematical Tables and Formulas
The EMS Home Page European Mathematical Society
Topica Email List Directory Mailing lists relevant to Mathematics
Zentralblatt MATH Comprehensive Math database

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