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Allyn & Bacon's Sociology Links Home Page Hosted by Allyn & Bacon and Longman
Clearinghouse Social Sciences Max Planck Institute for Human Development
Craig McKie Resources for social sciences Social Sciences related catalog
GESIS Clearinghouse Social Science - SocioGuide Social sciences in the German-speaking and Eastern Europe countries
ICPSR Web Site Inter-University Consortium for political and social research
Social Science Research Council Nonprofit organization, based in New York
Social Sciences WWW Virtual Library Part of the Virtual Library
Sociological Tour Through Cyberspace Trinity University, San Antonio
Sociology Central Comprehensive british directory
SocioSite Univ. Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Sozioland Homepage Univ. Köln, Germany (german)
SSLIS Sociology Guide Yale University Library
Subject Resources for Sociology University of British Columbia Library
The SocioLog Julian Dierkes' Sociology Links
The SocioWeb Comprehensive Sociology related catalog

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Ed Stephan's Timeline of Sociology A Sociology Timeline from 1600
ESA European Sociological Association
ISA International Sociological Association
Sociology: Institutes and Departments Part of the Virtual Library

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